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Why you should ‘gamify’ your classroom

The value of game-play as an educational technique is now well established. With educational benchmarks and national assessments a constant for teachers, being able to quantify the skills children will learn and which games will work is integral to adding them to school programs. And with more games and game-based applications being released each year students can learn valuable skills while they play.

Here are 5 tips for a tech detox

Are you among the 41 per cent of people who use their mobile phone while on the toilet? Do you count yourself in the 32 per cent of people who admit to texting while driving? Or are you one of the 20 per cent of people who sleep with their phones in bed with them every night? If so, it could be time to take a little break from your devices and embark on a technology detox. Here are five tips you can follow to bring some balance back to your tech usage.